A Zentory

(Zen Story)

I see the pond

I see the images in the pond,

is the image the pond ?

is the pond the image?

then what are these two?

independent or one?

who is the seer?

If the seer did not exist would the pond exist?

would the image in the pond exist?

so only if the seer exists , does the pond and the image exist

does the pond feel the same joy the seer  feels when the seer  sees  the pond?

or the image  in the pond ?

yet  the seer feels joy

............ Is the seer and the pond one?

if not why would i feel joy for an image in something else

Is the image in the pond ,and the pond .......................an image in the seer?

So is the seer , the pond and the image in the pond........one?

There are ripples in the pond

So the image in the pond , the pond , the ripples in the pond and the seer are one?

do all feel joy together?

is it just the seer who feels joy?

Or is the joy .........the image in the pond, and seer just observes the joy?

 Is the seer all the ripples on the pond, Or
does he just identify with one ripple?

All the ripples always die, replaced by new ripples,

so why do most seers identify with one ripple?

The seer is  the pond and the ripples in the pond , and the images in the pond?

then is the space in which this seer exists ?

Is there another seer , who sees the seer ?

the question arises

 who is the seer , or what is the seer ?

or ........................where is the seer?

If i write this note , writing about the seer in abstract

can I be the seer
of the seer ?

all lines are blurred between the pond the image in the pond , the seer and the I observing the seer

I dont even know where is the emotion.

In me
?, or the seer who observes the pond ?, or in the pond where the seer observes the joy in the pond?

Thoughts are futile .

Why  think?

............ just be

just be the joy that spontaneously erupts

understand there are no lines , everything is one

you are the image, the pond the joy the seer and the observer of the seer

everything is one

in silence

be in the moment with no thoughts




The Possible meanings of the Title Zentory

 肚裏 "tori" means "in the heart" So Zentory, means Zen in the Heart

A torii (鳥居?, lit. bird abode, /ˈtɔəri.iː/) is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, where it symbolically marks the transition from the profane to the sacred………………………….which would mean a  zen transition from the profane to the sacred.



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