‘‘Dhyan Praveshika’ is a vedic and spiritual magazine through which we aim to create a medium for exchange of spiritually conscious content and bring forth to our audience, the knowledge and learning from all times! We believe in the Sanatan philosophy, as propagated to us by the gurus of Sanatan Dharma, which are not restricted to any religion, race, time, country or organization. We aim to enlighten people with the knowledge of the universal and eternal path of truth and promote the initiation of meditation and dissemination of yoga, through the amalgamation of tantra, worship, art and modern science, to boost the scientific, philosophical and spiritual aspects of Vedanta, Ayurveda and human religion since time immemorial.
Through this platform we intend to raise consciousness and awareness amongst our audience on a global level by creating space for contemporary intellectual ideas and discussions. The magazine is an initiative of Shri Kalyanika Dev Sthanam, which being a modern day ashram with ancient esoteric ideologies creates an ideal environment for a spiritual seeker and also motivates a novice towards spirituality.
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