Tai Chi And Its Connection To Human Nature

3rd March 2020 // By Dhyan Praveshika Team // HomeArticles

‘The essential principles of Tai Chi are based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism, which stresses the balance of all things in nature with the need for spiritual as well as physical accord in all things.’

Tai Chi is an internal style of Chinese martial arts that is also included as a form of defense, spirituality, and meditation and can lead to a healthy physical and mental state. Considered as a form of martial arts, the focus is set on maintaining and regulating a construct of peace, both physically and mentally. Adopting the fundamental spiritual elements of Yin and Yang, it considers all the aspects of life and its principles of duality.

Regularly described as meditation in motion, the art of Tai Chi is also popularly acknowledged as medication in motion since the practice of this art form is said to have value in treating and preventing various health problems. Being a form of meditational exercise, not only does it vitalize the mind but it also increases muscle strength and flexibility in the entire body. As a meditational practice, Tai Chi focuses on the flow and movement of universal energy or Chi, through the body. These flowing movements of Tai Chi contain an immense inner power for both healing and wellness that can help boost the body's blood flow as well as immunity.

The practice is considered to be a means of alleviating stress and anxiety by promoting serenity and inner peace. As a form of physical exercise, it does not put stress on the body’s muscles and joints, with this, it is an exercise and form of meditation that can be done by any individual, anywhere and at any time. Considered as a way to harness positive emotion and promote peace, it is believed that the best method is to surround yourself in a situation that reflects positivity and bliss. To be in a place like nature, surrounded by organic beauty and free from any distractions can contribute to the journey of finding inner peace.

Practicing the Chinese form of movement helps to tune in and engage our body, and mind as one with nature. Another benefit of Tai Chi is that it can assist in bringing clarity to our minds and to discover a higher path in life. The connection formed between our movements and our nature allows us to channel our energy positively, thus focusing and directing it to create or assist in the growth of something prosperous.

Dhyan Praveshika Team