The Mind & The Power Of Thoughts

28th February 2020 // By Dhyan Praveshika Team // HomeArticles

'The mind is a complex network consisting of thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Our daily life along with our experiences can cause a psychological reflection upon the mind which in turn, can also reflect upon our daily activities.'

They say the human mind is one of the most complex biological networks in nature. Experts say that in a single day we can experience over 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts subconsciously or without our present knowledge. With a variety of activities such as our jobs, friendships, relations, hobbies, and more, indirectly generating thoughts that race through our minds, we reflect them through our actions and emotions.

According to spiritual followers, and experts, we can control our thoughts and our minds through different actions such as meditation and yoga, activities that encourage us to clear our mind of thoughts and emotions, and to focus on a certain point, generally a chakra. By having a clear mind free from negativity, you can harness your energy and focus to become more productive and benefit in daily tasks.

From a psychological perspective, it is said that we are driven by our emotions, as we reflect our emotions through our actions. By practising acts of meditation and yoga, or taking long walks in nature we can gather our thoughts and process them calmly and positively, which then helps us to keep our focus to generate a positive mindset. It is believed that spending time surrounded by nature can be therapeutic as the calmness, the silence, and the natural beauty has a very tranquil effect upon our minds.

With a lifestyle based upon a healthy diet, exercise, and being engaged in creative activities, we can kick-start our thoughts to become more productive and develop a sense towards finding innovative ideas and solutions to counter certain daily tasks that can be problematic. A healthy and positive mind, while exercising daily can become a strong and beneficial tool to utilize for the betterment of one's life.

In a materialistic world full of distractions and obstructions, it is easy to get our mind and thoughts away from the goals we seek and simply drift to a state of being unproductive. Due to this reason, yoga, exercise, and meditation can help us by providing the right inspiration and determination in a state of calmness to eradicate all thoughts leaving us in blissful tranquillity. A moment where we can reflect upon ourselves and get ourselves up the creative ladder to success.

Dhyan Praveshika Team