The Roots Of Spirituality

27th February 2020 // By Dhyan Praveshika Team // HomeArticles

We all hear stories about spirituality, the power of belief, internal energy, and chakras, but where does the concept originate from? With some experts believing it to be on the same lines as historical and mythological backgrounds, it could be said that the ancient philosophy from the time of religious devotion of the gods leads to the teaching of spirituality. To practice the art of meditation and concentrate or focus on a particular subject with a clear mind.

In a modern approach, spirituality has become a norm where people take up activities like meditation, and yoga to be free from worldly distractions, to release stress or anxiety, and to help keep a calm and clear mindset. While a great many people take up classes relating to spiritual activities over the weekend, others may indulge themselves in the comfort of their own home. Some may even go outside to a park, or garden as being in nature can help refresh the mind and the soul positively.

With various research and evidence at excavation sites, it is known that there have been deities or figures of worship through depictions in old paintings, sculptures, carvings, and texts or scripts. The concept behind spirituality can be traced back to historic and ancient times, but its accurate origin remains a mystery.

The roots of spirituality are said to begin in a time where gods created humanity and assisted in their growth and evolution, teaching them about the laws of the universe and how to manifest their internal energy. With this, we had constructed the concept of spiritual and dedicated worship.

Over time, spirituality itself evolved through the ages, with every civilization, religion, and culture adopting its unique point of view and perspective. With this, changes were developed in the ritualistic method of spiritual worship, the psychology behind spirituality became a goal of focus, to have a mind free of negativity, to fill it with positive energy that creates a sphere for innovation, progress, creativity, and knowledge.

Spirituality concerned itself with the progress of the mind and the soul, to learn and gain a variety of knowledge about the nature of the universe, and its laws. To understand existence and find a deeper connection and meaning between the body and the soul. A connection of an internal and external force.

Dhyan Praveshika Team