The Visionary Concept Of The Third Eye

20th February 2020 // By Dhyan Praveshika Team // HomeArticles

The spiritual concept of the third eye originates from ancient times. The belief behind it is to attain a powerful and positive state of consciousness, to be awakened mentally and emotionally, or to become aware of the worldly aspects such as materialism, relations, and dreams. It is said that one who attains a state of enlightenment is much more awoken 'spiritually'. Breaking it down to the simple yet complex idea of understanding a higher truth about life, its principles and natural order regarding the cosmos.

Symbolically, religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism have adopted the eye to represent greater truth, or wisdom and knowledge. Its roots can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where the eye of 'Ra' or the all-seeing eye was a great symbol that brought wealth to the people it ways of knowledge, wisdom, truth, and protection.

To reach a state of enlightenment, or to open your third eye, it is said that you must first understand the laws on which the world is built, all the way down to its basic nature. According to Tantric philosophy and other religious practices, one can unlock their third eye by regular acts of meditation. Practices such as yoga and meditation are a catalyst for helping one slow their mind down, to be in a state of peace and tranquillity. Through meditation, focusing on the spiritual energy that flows through our bodies can majorly help to be in an awakened state.

This energy or chakra, that is represented as the third eye is located on the forehead. While meditating, it is said that the focus on breathing is vital, to feel the energy flow through the body and up to the centre of the mind. In this location, you can feel the energy that is explained as a ball of light that radiates all the positive elements and emotions, to thoughts, ideas, and mental vitality. During meditation, it is in this location where the focus is set upon.

Looking at the ideology behind achieving higher knowledge or consciousness requires practice in the methods of yoga, meditation and its breathing processes, a mind free from negative emotions and troubles, to be clear and filled with peace. With no distraction from the outside world and a solid focus on what's inside the mind and soul. It is considered to be a state of connection between the human soul, and nature. As many different religious cultures originate from the same belief, they have been divided into their independent segments, with each having their perspective behind it.

Dhyan Praveshika Team