Yoga can Improve Mental Health

27th January 2020 // By Dhyan Praveshika Team // HomeArticles

Stress needs a release, we choose to do it through different mediums, either sports, art, adventure or yoga. Yoga has been known to have healing and therapeutic qualities, as well as a key component to psychological and emotional healing, resolving conflicts with self-confidence, relationships, family, etc. The practice of yoga helps us work with the nature of the mind, being human, how emotions run in our bodies and how they affect us and our behavior.

A study conducted by Boston University found that Yoga and controlled breathing practices can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Iyengar Yoga has specifically been found to be more beneficial than other yoga styles due to its slow and methodical movements. With 32 students included in the study from ages 18-65 with depressive disorder practiced yoga and breathing techniques for a span of 60-78hrs over the span of three months. Within a month the participants experienced better quality of sleep, less exhaustion through out the day, felt calmer, and positive over all.

4.5% of India’s population suffers from depression, a lot of people go untreated. There is a lot of stigma around mental health, Yoga can be a great way to deal with depression and should be made use of for its natural and highly beneficial nature. The aim is to live to our fullest potential and take little steps to get there.

Dhyan Praveshika Team