Habits to Quiet the Mind

4th November 2019 // By Dhyan Praveshika Team // HomeArticles

Slowing down, taking a break and doing something for yourself, even something small can be very beneficial for our mind. Everything starts with the state of mind affecting how you deal with everything around you, you must have heard this saying before ‘take control of your emotions before they control you.’. It is very important that we gain the ability to control our emotions and not them let be the boss of us. Our mind can be extremely chatty, sometimes to quiet it you need to pause and discover the healing powers of silence.

Quieting the mind and doing less can mean being more present and living fully. We want to focus more on slowing our pace down, with more results. Here are some things you can do -

1. Nature first thing in the morning - Every morning before you do anything, your coffee, your phone, etc, wear your sneakers instead first thing and just get out for a 20-30 mins walk. If there is a park or fresh trees on this walk even better, so you can wake up your prana (life force) and get refreshed by nature. Do this simply to wake your prana instead of stressing about finishing your 1000 steps goal. Avoid using earphones and experience the morning silence, which will sooth your mind and energize you.

2. Cook for yourself - We all know in the modern world’s pace it can be difficult to even find 10 mins for yourself, let alone cooking. Cooking for yourself, like a soup or something nourishing is a step forward in self care. You are in control of all ingredients, you feel them and make a dish for yourself which can be rewarding like a cuddle but without another person.

3. Savasana - When you step out to buy groceries in the middle of a busy day, or do something hectic, when your body is exhausted. As soon as you reach your room / office do a savasana for 10 mins. Lie down on the ground and just shut your eyes and immediately relax your body.

4. Smile - No matter what is going on around you or inside you just smile. It works on all spiritual, psychological and physical levels. Focus on the feeling a smile gives, it will spread and lift you up, as well as everyone around you.

Dhyan Praveshika Team