Ancient Tantric Meditation

3rd September 2019 // By Dhyan Praveshika Team // HomeArticles

Tantric Meditation is a dynamic form of meditation technique with a purpose to make you aware of the spiritual nature, considered a divine light, of the physical body. It awakens the consciousness and releases shakti (creative energy) inside you. Internal and meditative practices in Tantra are known as Samya Tantra, where you communicate with the creative forces of the universe. Yantra (a geometric diagram) and Mantras (vibrational sounds) create a space for these universal powers to convene in our inner and outer lives. Tantra believes that all the powers of the universe are present in every individual and that the ultimate Yantra is the body. The potential for self-realization is awakened through the techniques of asana, pranayama, bandhas, mudras, and mantra. The awakening brings an intense joy which is beyond the physical world. You will feel empowered and fulfilled.

This tantric meditation technique requires you to imagine deities or mantra in different parts of the body. It is not necessary to actually see but to feel its presence. If you are not able to it might be helpful to touch the part of the body you want to visualize in, although it is preferred to touch the parts of the body through your awareness. Through asanas, one can balance the pelvic floor, and increase flexibility in the spinal column. Pranayama energizes the solar plexus, makes the heart centre, eyebrow centre, and third eye accessible to restore the brain and nervous system. Through the blend of breathing techniques you can gain access to Turya (4th dimension), engage with the wisdom of the third eye and feel effortless awareness and clarity.

Tantric meditation is about the sorcery of transformation. To clear difficult emotions use the technique of breath, concentration, visualization of energy, and colors and transform the difficult emotions at the heart centre. Manipura, the third chakra, also known as the city of gems, holds the creative energies of determination and power. To feel empowered, connect with these forces through breathing techniques, visualization, mantra, and concentration of prana at the navel centre.

Tantra aims to apply methods which can be utilized to advance the process of transformation. It helps create a more complete, stronger, and richer life by giving the practitioner ways to grow through the ability to deal with inner emotions.

Dhyan Praveshika Team