Peace of Mind Should be the Foundation of Your Life

4th July 2017 // By Dhyan Praveshika Team // HomeArticles

According to people, peace is sitting on a mountain and meditating. Whenever your ego is satisfied, you are peaceful. Only in those places where your ego takes a hit, that is where you are not peaceful. If you have to go and sit on a mountain to be peaceful, that peace is not yours.When you come down you will have the same problems again.
Generally, in the world, when people talk about peace of mind, it is only about somehow making their ego comfortable.The more a person tries to be peaceful; he only loses his peace and goes off track. A person who is trying to be peaceful will never actually be peaceful. Generally, the peace that you achieve is only about making yourself comfortable. Peace can also come out of achievement. When you have achieved something, you feel very satisfied. This lasts just for a moment. But this peace is not peace. Peace means nothingness. Peace is not something that you create; peace is not something that happens. Peace is something that always is. What happens on the surface is disturbance.
Right now, most human beings think that having peace of mind is the highest goal in their life. Peace is not the highest goal. Peace is the “A” of life, not the “Z” of life. It is the most fundamental thing. If you don’t have anything else, at least you must have peace.
To be peaceful is definitely not the ultimate goal, because only if you are peaceful and joyful will your body and mind work at their best. Your capability is impaired when you are in some state of unhappiness, frustration or depression.

Dhyan Praveshika Team